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Following the recent Solicitors’ Guideline Hourly Rates increase, we have many clients considering how they should best evaluate their fees.

The Master of the Rolls has accepted the Civil Justice Council recommendations in relation to the increase of hourly rates.  Following this decision, rates have increased from 1st January 2024 in accordance with the Services Producer Price Index. They will then be uplifted annually using the SPI.  (The announcement on this issue can be found here.)

The new published guideline rates, suggest for example that top-fee earners in London are now able to claim around £546 an hour. It is important to remember however that guidelines are exactly that – used as a marker that should be applied when setting an appropriate hourly rate. One size certainly doesn’t fit all, and rates will differ from individual to individual depending on circumstances.

For example, some solicitors are able to charge an hourly rate in excess of the Guideline Rates where it is deemed appropriate based on the experience of the fee earner, or complexity of the matter.

You can read more about the new guidelines and rates here.

Need help setting your rates? We can help
At Brough Partners we have experience of helping clients review and determine the right fee structure for them. So, if you have a query regarding what level of hourly rate to charge, don’t hesitate to drop us a line and one of our dedicated team will be delighted to help.

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