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It’s fair to say that references to Costs Lawyers and Costs Law are regularly made in our field of work – but what exactly does this mean and what do they do? And in what ways at Brough Partners can we help support you?

In short, a Costs Lawyer is a qualified and regulated legal professional who specialises in the law and practice of legal costs.

They have the necessary skills and experience to draft bills of costs (standard and electronic), draft Points of Dispute, prepare and negotiate Costs Budgets, make offers and reach settlements without court process and arrange for Provisional/ Detailed Assessment of Bill of Costs where court process is required.

Costs Lawyers provide advice on issues like:

  • The fees that you pay for legal advice (such as solicitors’ or barristers’ fees)
  • Legal aid costs
  • The cost of bringing or defending court proceedings
  • Costs incurred by other parties to court proceedings that you might have to pay if you lose

These costs can be high and the law on legal costs is complex. Costs Lawyers can therefore represent your interests and help you make informed decisions.

Costs Lawyers are authorised to do three reserved legal activities (where they relate to legal costs): they have the right to conduct litigation, represent their clients in court and administer oaths.

Examples of the work that Costs Lawyers deliver include:

  • Draft Bills and Schedules of Costs
  • Draft Points of Dispute and Replies to claims for costs
  • Assist in the preparation of costs budgets and advise on costs budgets presented by an opposing party
  • Advise on retainers and fee arrangements between clients and their legal advisors
  • Advise on and prepare claims for costs from public funds (Legal Aid)
  • Advise on disputes between solicitors and their clients
  • Act as costs mediators or arbitrators in costs disputes

Standard remain high too with Costs Lawyers being regulated by the Costs Lawyer Standards Board (CLSB). With the CLSB also being overseen by the Legal Services Board (LSB).

Why choose Brough Partners?

At Brough Partners, our experienced team are available to help on a diverse range of costs law requirements across Court of Protection (COP), Inter Partes and Legal Aid. We are Costs Law specialists and advisers committed to offering both a friendly and reliable service and securing the very best financial results for our clients.

From start to finish, we follow bills right through to completion by attending assessment hearings to supporting client bills or providing necessary challenge for opponents. In addition, we regularly submit both Legal Aid together with Court of Protection bills on behalf of clients and attend to all necessary post-administration steps leading to payment.

For more information about how our services can help you, contact: Tel: 0191 300 1579

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