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We chatted with Phil Taylor who told us more about his work at Brough Partners, his role in preparing cost claims and maximising value for clients. And, why Jon Bon Jovi and Robin Williams would be two of his chosen dinner party guests!

Can you tell us a bit about your role and responsibilities at Brough Partners?
At Brough Partners my role is to compile and prepare Costs Claims for our clients, with an aim to maximise that claim for them. This is mainly related to Legal Aid claims although this can also include Civil Law cases too.  

I also take an active role in living the culture and values of Brough Partners and promoting those to our clients and teams.

What’s the best thing about your job and being part of the Brough Partners team?
By maximising the claims for our clients, we are ensuring that they are able to continue providing access to justice for all through Legal Aid. Knowing that we are in an indirect way providing a valuable service to society makes the job worthwhile.

Tell us what it is that makes Brough Partners different to other costs law firms?
From my experience the level of trust placed in us by our Managing Director Andrew is unmatched, and this therefore gives us a sense of responsibility over the performance of the company. It also allows us to explore and achieve our potential by allowing us to learn all areas of the work we do and find what suits our interests and skillsets best.

 If you had 3 words to describe Brough Partners what would they be?
Proactive, Knowledgeable, Reliable (A Safe Pair of Hands)

In another life, if you weren’t a budding costs law person, what other profession would you have had?
After undergoing my hip replacement in 2016 and deciding that football coaching was no longer a viable career path, I started my Law Degree with the Open University with a view to pursuing a career in Football Governance or Player Representation so I could merge my interests.

That said,  I have always considered completing my teacher training and utilising my skills learnt coaching in a school environment and from completing the Law degree I did consider pursuing this to teach Law.

What’s the best bit of business advice you have ever been given?
To embrace failure rather than fear it. To learn from it and use those lessons to inform your next decisions and grow stronger from it.

Tell us one interesting fact that people might not know about you.
That I suffered an incomplete spinal cord injury at age 9 at the same level as Christopher Reeves and was told I would never walk again. Through hard work and determination, I went on to coach junior football for 15 years and completed the Leeds 10k in 2017.

Name 4 people dead or alive you would invite to a dinner party

Robin Williams – He is one of my favourite actors and one of the funniest individuals I have watched, his films were a huge part of my childhood. To this day his films, his comedy and his various chat show appearances make me cry with laughter and I would love to have met him and been in his company.

My Grandad – Although my grandad lived with us, I was still quite young when he passed away, therefore, to have that opportunity to chat with him and ask him things that I didn’t get the chance to would be incredibly special.

Francesco Totti – As a huge football fan, growing up in the late 90’s early 00’s Italian football was arguably at its peak. And for me one player, Francesco Totti, stood out amongst the rest, playing in the same colours as Bradford City and lifting the League title. It would be great to have the opportunity to ask him about that and many other footballing stories and experiences.

Jon Bon Jovi – Considering I saw the band 3 times in a 12-month period, including at Madison Square Garden in New York, it’s fair to say they are my favourite band. As the lead singer, his music has been the soundtrack to many parts of my life and I would love to sit and chat with him about how it feels performing to sold out arenas across the world, and how he manages the pressure and expectation that comes with that.

 When you are not at work, how do you like to spend your time?
When at home I like to explore new places with my fiancé and our dog, travelling the world and discovering new places (currently our favourite is Vancouver). I enjoy cooking and going out for food discovering new restaurants and getting inspired by what can I make next at home.

When I relax, I enjoy watching a good film or TV show or reading a good book. I also enjoy playing a range of video games. Essentially, I enjoy getting lost in different worlds.

Finally, who inspires you and why?
It’s hard to pinpoint just one person who I am inspired by. I’m inspired mostly by people who have overcome a level of adversity to reach the top of their field. I’m also inspired more by those people who don’t feel the need to shout about their achievements but are widely respected anyway.

For different reasons the following people inspire me including Stephen Bartlett, Stephen Hawking, Sir Ben Ainslie, Tim Peake and Christopher Reeve.

To find out how Brough Partners could support your costs law requirements, email or call 0191 300 1579

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