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Liam Moir tells us more about his role and responsibilities at Brough Partners and how his favourite part of the job is having a positive impact on their client’s businesses.

My role involves drafting the bills for our clients from the files they wish for us to complete. My work generally involves drafting legal aid claims including exceptional claims and high cost case plans. I also draft bills for Court of Protection. I examine the files down to the small details to try to obtain the best outcomes for our clients.

What is the best thing about your job and being part of the Brough Partners team?
The best part about the job is feeling that the work you do has an impact, not just on the business but for our clients and the end consumers. By drafting the bills for our clients, we assist them in claiming the money they have worked hard for as well as facilitating them to carry out more of the services they provide.

Tell us what it is that makes Brough Partners different to other costs law firms?
Brough Partner is a costs law firm that cares. We care about the clients we work with by going the extra mile to provide a quality service. The company also really value their staff by providing opportunities to grow and develop new skills.

If you had 3 words to describe Brough Partners, what would they be?
Caring, modern and proactive

In another life, if you were not working in costs law, what other profession would you have had?
When I was at school, I wanted to become either a singer or a politician. I think I have made a wise decision in the end.

What is the best bit of business advice you have ever been given?
I have always been told that you can never have too much knowledge or too many qualifications. It makes you a more rounded individual.

Tell us one interesting fact that people might not know about you.
When I was at university, I used to go to salsa dancing lessons. It was great fun but do not expect me to show you any moves!

Name 4 people dead or alive you would invite to a dinner party
I would invite Ainsley Harriott as he seems a very funny and friendly chap. He could also give me some advice on my culinary skills!  I would also invite Jimi Hendrix as his music is brilliant and was one of the best guitar players to have lived. And Winston Churchill to talk about his stories about his time during the Second World War. Finally, I would also invite SAFC legend Kevin Phillips to talk about his European Golden Boot.

When you are not at work, how do you like to spend your time?
During my commute to work I tend to read a book, preferably historical. I try to keep fit by playing 5-a-side football and going on long distance runs. I am Sunderland football fan and I love going to rock concerts.

Finally, who inspires you and why?
Politician Roy Jenkins was a real inspiration during his time in government helping to push through social reforms in Britain to improve our society, such as widening the scope for abortions and divorce, abolishing the death penalty and legalising homosexuality.

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